Under The Umbrella will be a major fundraising platform for any and all individuals,  charitable organizations, groups & churches.

How my vision came to be: The initial vision came to me about 15 years ago. I was a member of a church in Shreveport, LA., when God gave me a vision to find a way to create income for black pastors so many more could become full time pastors for their members. If I could do this it would open many more doors for men and women of the clergy who HAVE to maintain full time jobs as well as fulfill their pastoral responsibilities.

Now years later the vision has increased from establishing financial stability for black pastors to creating and establishing financial freedom for any individual regardless of their life-styles, living conditions, race, color, religion, sex, etc., etc., etc. I wanted a business model that could generate infinite funds to anybody who would like to change their way of living, an easy business model for anyone to learn and operate and be able to show others the same. The key is one person at a time.

How the “Under The Umbrella” vision came to be: This vision came to me about a month ago after talking to a very dedicated AAU Basketball Coach (initials K.C.) here in Bossier City, LA. I asked this coach why he wasn’t partnered with some of the other coaches in the Shreveport/Bossier area. I was amazed at his answer. He said he had tried to partner with other coaches in the past, but to put it in a nut shell nobody wanted to partner because they all wanted to keep their team names, tradition and everything else that made their teams who they are.

When “Under The Umbrella” is set up, running and raising money for people and groups  in the Shreveport and Bossier, LA., areas, these people will have the option to be covered under the umbrella for a small yearly donation while maintaining their individual identities. When covered under the umbrella these people will have access to every different professional organization covered under the umbrella as well. This is just a small list of the professions I’d like to have representing from under the umbrella: Police Officers, Fireman, Teachers, Lawyers, Sports Officials, Coaches, Churches, Tax Experts, Mechanics, Automobile Sales People, Doctors and so on. More will be explained about why the different professions and the overall mission of “Under The Umbrella” at a later date.

The vision for my blog will be to post and write about anything that I think could be helpful to any average every day person. Your support will be more than greatly appreciated. I would like to know from my audience some of the things they’d like to share with the public to make our world a better place.

This is my first piece of advice to all. When we are engaged in conversations with other people we may not agree with a word they’re saying but we could at least respect them for their opinion just as we want them to respect us for our opinion. We don’t have to fall out, argue, fight and kill each other because somebody else didn’t like our OPINION.