Are you aware of the many negative things that surround us these days that appear to keep on getting worse as the days pass- homelessness, crime, poverty, division, etc., etc., etc? Sadly to say this list could go on and on and on. Are you aware or have you become immune to what’s happening as it seems many people have done?

Well it concerns me to the core of my bones. I’ve seen days when people at least acted like they cared about others whether they did or not. As I go through my daily activities I notice that many people could care less about other human beings. It’s all about them and they’re never happy, never smile and never try to break the mean mug look on their faces.

Okay then, what are we as people going to do about it? One of the best ways to start the transition is for each individual person to not be that mean person who adds unwanted anxiety to the lives of many others. YOU JUST BE NICE & KIND TO OTHERS.

I am very optimistic that a change will come. I don’t think for one single moment that we have to make America great again. America has been and will always be to me The Land Of Hope And Opportunity. I think what we need to do is Make AMERICANS Great. Not Make Americans Great Again because many Americans will never ever know what it’s like to Be Great. Let’s join together in our families, communities and local areas to Make Americans Great.