A response is a verbal or written way of communicating and the way one reacts to something. If you don’t want what you are thinking to be either criticized or applauded, don’t put it out there. In order to put it out there you either have to speak it out for another person to hear it, write it down on anything without destroying it and publicizing it through some form of social media.

Why are people surprised when others react to there response? It doesn’t matter if you give your life earnings to or for a cause, somebody will have something negative to say about it. That’s just the fact of the matter. I believe many Americans think it’s okay for certain individuals to make what ever comments they deem necessary to get their points across.

Well guess what people! It’s not okay. Once you publicize your words you may or may not know this, but, YOUR WORDS ARE NOW PUBLIC AND OPEN TO COMMENTS. The last comment was really meant to be humorous. Now I’m the type of person who respect the opinions of others. But in my opinion there’s a line drawn between giving an opinion and down right making hurtful or degrading comments to or about other people. The old saying, “Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me” is dead and buried. Some people get hurt or offended today if some one look at them the wrong way. So we definitely have to be aware of what we say and how we say it. IOPA Solutions believe there’s Power In The Spoken Word.

I absolutely loved the response given by Ambien on TMZ to the comment made by Rosanne Barr that she was under the influence of the drug Ambien when she posted the negative tweet about Valerie Jarrett, former President Barack Obama’s adviser. Ambien said, “Our Drug Doesn’t Make You Racist.” Wow, enough said on that matter. Too funny.