As I go through the days and grow older in age, wisdom and knowledge, I see such a tremendous change on many peoples’ faces and their postures. Many people seem to have just given up on anything in their lives changing for the better. It appears that all hope is gone so therefore there’s no reason to dream. Do you believe this to be fact or thought? Of course it’s not fact. It may be fact for individual people who’ve thrown the towel in, but for many others the dream is still a reality.

Do you believe things can get better and are you willing to contribute to making things better for all? Your life may be a bed of roses, but if you slow down for a moment and observe your surroundings, you’ll see many people could use a helping hand in some form or fashion. A hello, a hand dab, a hand shake, a smile, a hug, or just a word of encouragement in many cases will suffice. I have chosen this song as an ice-breaker to send to a few of the people in my life.

We have to stop saying things like “Things Will Never Change.” If you believe things will never change, then you are certainly correct concerning your life and your life situations. If you believe you can or you can’t, you’re correct. Now just because you believe things will never change please don’t try and pass your negativity and disbelief on to others. I’m sure you don’t live on the North Pole and aren’t exempt from or aware of all the negative things happening around the entire world. It’s the responsibility of those of us who care to do all that we can on a daily basis to contribute to society in a very positive manner.

But the real question is “Do You Believe?”