I just read an article that was not only meant for me to read and apply to my everyday life, but it is also meant for “YOU” to read and tell “YOUR” story. We as people may think because we aren’t known publicly or we think our life’s stories are insignificant to anyone else. Start telling your story about the ups & downs, good & bad, highs & lows, positives & negatives and the dark sides as well as the bright sides. You just never know who could be touched by one thought or memory from you.

As I read Michelle’s article “The Aftermath of Life and the Writer”, I thought about exactly what she was saying. If I don’t tell my story, that leaves room for any and everybody else to speculate about situations and circumstances of my life and share them with others any way they deem necessary to accomplish their mission.

Hey friend, crawl from under that shell of doubt and uncertainty and share your story. You see I look at it like this, people may read or hear the same things several times and it may not have registered to them that that particular message is directed to them personally. But then they come across Michelle’s article, my article or “YOUR” article about the exact same thing that they’ve read seven times already but suddenly the light come on and they receive the well deserved message and apply it to their life. And one of the hidden things may be, you’ll never know who you helped but I can guarantee you this one thing. If you don’t tell your story, nobody will ever read or hear it which means their is 0% possibility of anybody’s life being affected.

Just start telling your story and let the pieces fall where they may. If you don’t think anyone would care to read your story, well share it with me. I want to read it!  And in return, I’ll help you share your story.