On yesterday I was doing chores around the apartment and thinking about people at the same time. I was still thinking about my reasons for writing when the thought hit me that someone may get encouragement, inspiration or motivation by reading one of my post or the post of other writers. Not long afterwards I got to my computer and was going through my emails when I came across one that was a comment from another writer about one of my post. Well the comment wasn’t actually about my personal post, it was a comment about the post of another author’s post in which I linked into my post.

Now this is my take on life with my writings and the writings of others. It doesn’t necessarily have to be my personal post that others read and get help. If I read an article of another writer and the article helps me in some kind of a way, then I’ll most definitely share it with the world so somebody else will be touched by the reading the same way I was. I don’t mind promoting others’ articles because the sole purpose of my writing is to tell stories of my life and life experiences in order to help somebody else. So, if I find something worthy of my time, I’ll share it regardless of the author. I believe the more we give, the more we receive.

This is the article that prompted the other author to comment on my page. Please read this article if you’re still on the fence about your writing career. Also read about the authors and why they write and you’ll see yourself in at least one of the articles or several of the articles. Don’t stop there. Click on this link to get yourself started with WordPress today. Start telling your story just as we did. The more people we have writing and telling their stories, the more people we all will be helping to make this world a better place to live. Instead of talking your stories to others on a daily basis, start writing about it so many many others around the world may be touched.