When I first heard word of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” being seductive and offensive as well as being pulled from many radio stations rotations, I thought people were being a bit too sensitive, until I did a bit of research for myself about the song’s lyrics. So I went to Youtube and typed in “Baby It’s Cold Outside” original with lyrics. I got more than I had bargained for at that time. I came across the song with this video.

I am by no means saying I agree one way or the other about the song being seductive or offensive but I was able to see the reason others may have thought so. I do my best at being empathetic and open minded about life so I’ll be able to understand the other side of any debate. Now I do believe in many cases in today’s time, that many people are too sensitive about too many issues. Why can’t you just mind your business and I’ll mind my business. I’ll let you do you and you let me do me. I don’t actually mean me literally but figuratively.

Some radio stations did pull the song from their rotations only to upset many other people. Some radio stations put the song back in rotation while others didn’t. I can imagine the surprise of the National Public Radio NPR when they received their first complaint and then their second and then the complaints just kept coming. In this article written by NPR you’ll be able to see a video of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” song by a man and then a woman.

One of the things I did like about the NPR article was how they handled the public opinion of many. They put it to a vote using this platform. I don’t know the outcome of the vote and really don’t care. I can still listen to the song as always without my mind getting freaky.

In conclusion, my take on the overall matter is, if we try hard enough, we can find something to complain about in any areas of our lives. I don’t like many commercials, but accept the FACT THAT THEY ARE A PART OUR LIVES whether directly or indirectly, and they aren’t going anywhere. Can we try and find some common ground for us all to be individuals and partake in what rock our boats and not the boats of others? CAN WE JUST GET ALONG?

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