First things first. If I write and share anything about my personal health or personal experiences, I’m hoping that you or somebody you know may be helped in some kind of a way. I have many issues going on with me. Some of these issues I understand and can identify while others are beyond my calling. I truly believe God allow many of us to go through specific things for specific reasons.

One of my issues is not liking to talk on the phone. I do believe part of the reasoning behind this issue is the fact that a while back for many months I didn’t receive any phone calls from hardly anybody. Then the time came when the phone rang a bit more from various people. Most of the time if I was available to answer the phone at the exact moment it was ringing and I could identify the caller, I would more than likely answer it. But if saw your number in the call log later or saw it at all, their was a very very slim chance of me returning your call. Please charge it to my head and not my heart and by all means don’t take it personal.

After reading an article from Psychology Today- “Brain Sense” by Faith Brynie Ph.D., I could better relate to this phone issue as well as several other issues that I have and/or experienced. For instance, I once worked at a particular job in which I absolutely loved when I first got started. There was a time when I almost skipped for joy going across the parking to enter the building where I worked. But years later after making a few changes within the job (to be discussed in a future article), it got to the point that I couldn’t make it to the parking lot. During that long period of time, every morning that was a work morning was met with intense anxiety attacks, one after the other.

You or someone you know may be experiencing something similar. Or you may be wondering why your friend or loved one no longer return your calls. It could be that they’re experiencing something that prevents them from doing so. If it’s you personally experiencing something similar, don’t take it likely. Seek medical help or try and figure out a way to get yourself back into the game. I truly only advise you to get back into a game that’s not going to cause you any undo stress or anxiety. This is not meant to be selfish at all, but I think we deserve to choose who and what we let into our personal spaces. Stay stress and anxiety free so you can live longer to talk on the phone with that friend or loved one.