I want to do my best as a writer to make all of my post as personal as I can, especially since my writings aren’t in any ways meant to be formal. While I’m writing I actually visualize myself sharing my story with you one-on-one.

When I write I want us to communicate as effectively as possible. I want to communicate with you as though we were sitting directly in front of each. I want my words to be as plain, simple and as easy to understand as possible so you’ll be able to know without a shadow of a doubt what I’m saying. If I happen to throw in a little “ebonics”, noun: (American black English regarded as a language in it’s own right rather than as a dialect of standard English), I hope you can still relate.

I remember the U.S. Army implementing “The Effective Communication Strategy” before I retired. To put it in a nut shell what they were doing was from that point on writing regulations, manuals, tests, etc., using words that were easily understood when read by everybody. On the other hand if you were communicating face to face, telephonically (by phone) or radio each individual was communicating effectively if each person could repeat back exactly what the other person said. Using this type of communicating, you don’t leave room for error or misunderstanding.

To make it even more personal I want you to feel the care, concern and emotions behind every word I say to you. The more I write, the more passionate I become. When it hits me I even want to throw in a lil humor. Bear with me on that one.
While on the subject of communication please allow me to throw in nugget or two on the subject. If two people are talking about a particular subject, they’ll either be discussing something they witnessed or heard, something that’s fact or fiction, and my biggest one “opinion.” If I share something with you that I witnessed, I can only share it with you to the best of my memory. If I share something with you that I heard, be careful. I don’t even know the degree of passing what I heard on to you. Oh yes I do. I am either just sharing something with you in general or I’m gossiping. In either case don’t believe a word I say. Now if I’m sharing something with you that’s fact, I don’t think it leaves any room for debate. Now if I know 100% for sure that I’m giving you fact, the only way you’ll for sure that it’s fact is to do your own research on the matter at hand. Fiction: it is what it is, fiction.
Now to my biggy, opinion. If we are sharing our own personal opinions about a matter, then we are sharing just that, our opinion. Pay close attention to this. For many years, many of us have made the statement or heard it, “An Opinion Is Just Like A Butthole, We All Have One.” But far too many times us giving our opinions have created enemies, started arguments & fights and even deaths. We get mad after we give our opinions about matters and then somebody else turn around and give their opinion and it’s not the same as ours. Really! We need to stop being so shallow and insecure. LET’S FIND A TO APPRECIATE, RESPECT AND LEARN FROM OUR DIFFERENCES. Read this article, “Personal Conflicts, Biggest Cause of Murder in the U.S.”, to get some facts.
Just think what this world would be like if we all looked the same, thought the same, wore the same type of clothing, did the exact same thing. If the exact same thing were possible then that means there would only be one thing in the whole wide world to do, and we’d all be doing it. Some of you will get that after reading it several times and some of you will have to put some thought to it. 🙂 I didn’t know how to add the emoji. A Bit of my humor. Oh you didn’t think it was funny. I told you how I want my writings personal. Do you see how I can go on and on as if we were actually talking? If there weren’t a variety of everything, then we’d be living in a boring world.
If you know that you are the type to get upset about others opinion, then I want you to consider respecting others for their opinions just as you want them to respect you for your’s. Don’t believe the gossip and do your own research about matters before passing them on as being fact.
When I use the word “YOU” in my writings, I have your best interest at heart. I want you to see things just as they actually are. I want to be able to share things with you that you can relate to or know somebody else who can to it. I want to share various topics with you that I find to be beneficial to our lives. I want to share personal, professional and general topics with you for you to either say, “Wow, I Like That” or “Wow, I Know Not To Go That Route.” I just want to do my part as best as possible to help this world a better place to live in.
Now that we know how to communicate effectively with each other, let’s share so we’ll get to know each other. Remember.