I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING WITH WORDPRESS! I was very fearful about creating a website of any sort. But I had to eventually get started at least putting my words out there for you to read.

As you know I’m a stickler about you getting started with your vision, goals and dreams, NOW. Let me tell you why. From 1988-91, I was stationed in Hanau, W. Germany with the U.S. Army. While there I took college courses in order to help advance my military career. I don’t remember exactly what course I took at the time, but I do remember the message delivered to me by one of my instructors. After reading and grading a paper I’d written, the instructor was overwhelmed by my writing. He told me how awesome of a writer he thought I was and encouraged me (tried to) to start writing. Now let me show you how shallow minds work. I didn’t take the instructor serious at all. I literally thought the instructor was gay and was trying to make a move on me. Now I find myself 30 years later, writing.

This confession itself is rather sad on my behalf and by no means funny. Just imagine where I’d probably be with my writing career had I started back then. I was also fearful of computers at that time.

I shared that moment of my life with you to encourage you to get started now with your passion NOW, even if you don’t know how to do it. Get started and learn as you go.

I want you to know this as well. I can’t even type. I’m not a one finger person at all when it comes to typing. I use two fingers. And to be honest with you, typing is my least worry.

As I said earlier, I have no idea what I’m doing with wordpress, but I’m learning as I go. I do my best to read or familiarize myself with at least one wordpress feature a day.

If you start or is already working on your passion, I encourage you as well to learn something new each and every day. If it’s wordpress, an online business or online advertising, click on every toggle to familiarize yourself and at least know what features are available to you.

Please don’t start out the way I did by signing up for multiple sites and just leave them (dormant) alone. Remember, there was something about the site that peaked your interest in order for you to signup. Not only that, many people are waiting for your offer, but can’t get it if you don’t put it out there.

If you continue to read my post, I’ll do my best to keep you encouraged. But sometimes you have to “Encourage Yourself.” 

Don’t be dummy like I was 30 years ago. There’s a beast inside of you just waiting to be exposed to the world.

Take a look at this guy and tell me if you have any room for excuses. Get started, NOW!