If you’re asked the question, “What’s Your Calling”, the first thought that may come to mind is a spiritual Calling. Now before I go any further I have to warn you. If you complain about EVERYTHING or show deep passion for EVERYTHING, this might not be for you. But I do encourage you to continue reading.

After giving you the definition of calling, I’d like to give you my take on a “Calling.”




call·​ing | \ˈkȯ-liŋ  \

Definition of calling 

1a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence

2the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages

3the characteristic cry of a female cat in heat also the period of heat


Several years ago me and an old high school friend had many conversations about church issues. Every time we talked my friend expressed deep concerns about an issue or two that was occurring in her church. After some time passed and we continued to talk and I continued to listen to the deep concerns of other people as well, God revealed something to me. If individual people have deep concerns or, are strongly passionate about a particular thing or situation and nothing is being done to solve it, there just may be an explanation.

God showed me the reason why some of my personal concerns continued to cause me dis-ease. Nothing was being done because I wasn’t doing it. God showed me how passionate I was about a few issues while nobody else showed any concern at all. And let me mention that these concerns were genuine concerns that needed to be addressed. God told me that the reason nothing was being done was because that particular situation or circumstance was my “Calling.” He also showed me that that was the exact same answer to many other people’s deep concerns.

If you are passionate about things going on in your life, no matter what it is, then that could very well be your “Calling.” And I truly believe dreams, goals and visions are given to us by God. Everybody is not meant to be a preacher, teacher, policeman, fireman, etc., etc. But I truly believe you and every individual person in this world is here for a reason and have at least one thing with your name on it, and nobody else’s. To be blunt, we all have that one thing that’s meant just for us. Now this doesn’t mean nobody else will have the same calling.

If you find this to be you with deep passion about anything, then stop wasting time and get busy on your “Calling.” If you don’t get started  NOW, then what ever it is that keep you from sleeping well at night will continue to keep you passionate and tired. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll start to feel like you’re on top of the world once you answer your “CALLING.”

As a bit more confirmation to you I found an article to share entitled, “Passion” from Psychology Today, written by Gregg Levoy. Enjoy!