WordPress is the Bomb Diggity Bomb. I can’t impress upon you enough about the many different features that WordPress has to offer. As I continue to open different toggles I continue to realize I don’t really need any other type of advertising in order to accomplish my visions, dreams & goals.

I told my daughter once I get to 50 Blog Posts that I was going to get business cards and pass them out to promote my WordPress blog. This morning while pressing toggles I stumbled upon an “Invite” button. When you open the “Invite” button it allows you enter up to 10 different email addresses with a message that you write and then send the invites out to each email user. I don’t think I’ll be needing the business cards any time soon to promote my site.

My goal is to get to 50 blog posts before the first of January. Then I’m going to upgrade to the Business Plan so I can take advantage of every feature that WordPress has to offer. My future plan is to show average everyday people new ways of bettering their lives and the lives of family and friends. My overall plan will be discussed in future blogs.

As I open different toggles in the future I’ll start blogging about it so you’ll know where to go and how to use your WordPresss Blog to help make you the writer a better and more effective writer. Yes I could possibly send tons of emails to Customer Service asking where this is and that is. But why would I do that when I can learn by myself. Now don’t get it twisted, if I run into a road block I’ll most definitely seek help.

Over time I’ll be doing the exact same thing for the online businesses that I have using the WordPresss platform. I encourage you to go into your WordPresss Site and play around for a little while each and every day so you to will know about the gold mine you have in your possession.

Keep reading and writing to hone your skills so we all will be able to help the many people who are waiting in line to learn how to get started building their future.