We all have different like and dislikes. One thing I absolutely don’t like is watching long promotional videos because I think if you’re selling a product or service, then you should get straight to the point. But in your defense, I know that wouldn’t be a smart marketing strategy so you have to maximize your efforts.

I don’t like long promotional videos, but this one, “ACTIVATEDYOU” by Akasha Naturals touched me personally and kept my attention for the entire 39 minutes and 55 seconds. It was so informative that I ordered the product ActivatedYou Morning Complete.

What initially got my attention was Maggie Q talking about POOP (eliminating), and the health issues surrounding having a normal digestive system that’ll help us eliminate as recommended by doctors.

I won’t go into a long boring discussion that’ll probably turn you off so I recommend you watch the video for yourself if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • going to the bathroom too often
  • you don’t go to the bathroom enough
  • constipation
  • bloating
  • fatigued
  • run down or tired

I experience all of these symptoms most of the time, so they got my attention.

What makes me feel like an idiot is the fact that I’ve been to the doctor for these problems for many years, many times, and was never given any of the important information about my problems as Maggie Q gives in this video.

Nobody will ever have as much care and concern about your health as you will. If you experience any of the symptoms above or feel as though your digestive system is off tract, you owe it to yourself to do something about it.

I don’t have any testimonies for ActivatedYou Morning Complete, but you can go here to, dietspotlight and read this review so you can make an informed decision of whether this product may be of benefit to you or others. If you find this information and product to be helpful, please share it with others.

I will share my personal testimony about the product when I receive it and have used it an ample amount of time to know if it’s working for me or not.