“We Are Here At Your Service”, means you, me and every other person who choose to be a part of this life-changing dream.

My actual blog domain name is tigersundertheumbrella.comUndertheumbrella is a big vision of mine and I would very much so like you to be a part of it if you have anything that you do that can be beneficial to others. When it rains and we are exposed to the elements, an UMBRELLA is normally used to protect us or to at least keep your upper torso from getting wet. Some umbrellas can only accommodate one person, while there are some that are big enough to accommodate three maybe four people.

My under the umbrella goal is to get as many people as I can, from many different backgrounds working together to accomplish the same goal (helping as many people prosper as possible). I want people under my umbrella who have something of value that can help to better the lives of other people all over the world. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, stay at home mom or dad, coach, business owner, etc., etc., I welcome you to place your offer UNDER THE UMBRELLA. If people from all over the world are seeking assistance in any area of life, I want them to be able to find you and your product UNDER THE UMBRELLA. My goal is to make this the biggest and brightest umbrella ever invented online.

I have a lot to learn to about web construction, maintaining and developing my blog, adding videos, and so many other things that’ll be needed to make the umbrella strong, efficient and sturdy, but with the help and assistance from many of you, WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I do have a few local people on my list that can help me make this dream a reality.

The umbrella thought came to me because umbrellas are meant to protect. Protection will be provided for any and everybody seeking ways to do anything their little hearts desire. I don’t want a single person to join any of your businesses or whatever you have to offer and do nothing further. I want people to start new ventures and carry through with them. NOBODY LEFT BEHIND.

I will explain TIGERS in a future blog or reveal the vision behind it to you as you place your vision UNDER THE UMBRELLA.

In return, what we’ll all do is promote the umbrella to others so everybody will get free exposure and advertisement from many many different sources. If any of you have read any of my previous blogs, you already know that I have no problem promoting other people’s missions, dreams or goals on my blog. We can all benefit more if we all develop similar attitudes.

Okay, I’ve put it out there. I need your help in order to make this dream a reality. Let me know what you have to offer.