I logged into my WordPress Site this morning with the intent of writing about a specific topic that was on my mind. Instead of going directly to “Write”, I started clicking on various toggles. Big mistake! I clicked the other toggles with good intentions of learning more about WordPress. I then found myself reading other people’s blogs to gain even more knowledge from my fellow writers.

Then when it was time for me to start writing I was confused. I had so much going on inside my head because I had just read tons of great material that was very beneficial to me, but at the wrong time. There are tons of very intelligent writers on the WordPress Platform with tons of helpful information if you want to gain insight and ideas about anything and/or make yourself a better writer. That wasn’t the right time for me to do any other research other than about my topic at hand.


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Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

I normally start my writing by at least writing out the title to that particular blog post. Next if there’s research to do for my post, I then start researching. Most of the time I already have my research saved for my post. If I have the research already saved I still go back and read major parts of the information so I won’t post false content. If I do any additional research I always view other content that has nothing to do with my post. Now let me show you how my mind work if I start to read irrelevant information after starting my blog post or typing out the title. I immediately get back to researching or writing because my mind is set to my topic as soon as I type it. I shared this because I know in many cases many of us need to stay focused on the chore at hand and don’t need any other distractions.

You have to find out what work for you and what doesn’t work for you. I highly encourage you to always do these three things:

  1. Do research for your work if research is needed.
  2. Always read other writers blogs to gain more insight for your writing career. But choose the right time to do so.
  3.  Find out what work best for you to make you a better writer, i.e., when, where, how & why.

No matter what work for you or what doesn’t work, CONTINUE TO WRITE. I wish you much success in your many endeavors.