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I noticed almost everybody else had pretty pictures added to their blogs, and I didn’t. I felt as though my blog was just too plain. So again, I started clicking various toggles. Long story short. I looked over my site to see if I could find out how to add some pretty pics to my sites. Ding dong, the doorbell rang, or the light came on. I looked up top at all of those symbols and saw +Add-top left under your title. I clicked on it and it gave me several choices:

  1. Media
  2. Media from Google
  3. Free Photo Library
  4. Contact form
  5. Payment Button

Out of the five choices which one do you think is the right choice for to add Images (pics)? If you chose #3 Free Photo Library, you are correct.

To add Images (pics) to your blog while writing:

  1. Position cursor where you want to add Image (pic)
  2. Click on +Add icon top left- Under The Title Of Your Blog
  3. You will then see a magnifying glass image with Search for free photos…. L-click inside this box
  4. Type in the type of image you’re looking for, i.e., people, animals, buildings, flowers, etc.
  5. Once the choices come up, scroll down until you find the Image you want to use and click on it.
  6. Go to bottom right hand corner and click “Insert”
  7. Once you click “insert”, you’ll be taken back to your blog and the Image will be inserted into your blog.
  8. If you want to make the Image smaller- L-click on the image and  very small boxes will appear on each of the corners of Image.
  9. Place you cursor on either one of the small boxes and drag it up or down until you are satisfied with the size of the Image and L-click. Repeat until satisfied with Image size Tadow, you just entered an Image to your blog post.

Note: when you click on the Image, you will also see other choices that you can make in reference to the Image.

Now that I have Adding Free Images down to a science, you’ll start to see pretty pics on most of my blogs from this day forth. I hope this little bit of information will be helpful to you.