Getting started the right way from the beginning with your WordPress Blog will save you so much time in the future. I never thought about other tasks that may be needed to have a marketable website. But after several months of blogging things started becoming clearer to me about what I needed to do to get my site looking like many of the other sites I visit. If you follow the instructions that I recommend in this blog starting now, it’ll save you well needed time down the road.



When I recently got my blog started, I initially just started writing and publishing. I had no earthly idea about Categories, Pages or Post. Well I had an idea that Post were simply blogs. At that time I didn’t think about having to Categorize my Posts into Pages (I hope I’m saying that right), and Categorize my Pages and Posts on my Home Page so it would be easy for readers to navigate around my site.  But, I did have the common sense to know that my site was far from the beauty and perfection I was seeing on other bloggers sites. So I had to do something to improve my site’s appearance.



I started researching by reading blogs and watching videos on how to organize my site. My site now has a major over haul with more improvements coming. Let me tell you this so you’ll know how popular WordPress is- I don’t care what it is that you need to know about WordPress, there’s a blog or video about the topic. And in most cases I’d be willing to bet you that there’s both blogs and videos. People just absolutely love WordPress and haven’t left any stones unturned when it comes to training and instructions. If you follow the instructions of these recommended videos you’ll be on the right track from the very beginning in having a successful up and running WordPress Blog Site. “How To Make A Successful WordPress Site”, will guide you step by step on setting your site up, with all needed tools depending on your goals for your site.  “WordPress Pages, Categories, Posts, Custom Links and Menus”, will teach you what Pages, Categories and Posts are. “How To Setup Pages, Menus and Widgets in WordPress”, will enhance your knowledge of setting up Pages and Menus with instructions on setting up Widgets as well.



Do as I did and dive into those videos and apply the things you learn toward making your WordPress Site the site of your dreams. I guarantee you, when you see the changes and improvements you make, you’ll want to jump for joy just as I did when I saw what I had learned and applied to my site.