Hello to all fellow marketers. We have a responsibility to fulfill. As a marketer you are sharing something that you feel will be of some type of benefit to others. I know that you know, just as I know the condition of the world. Their is worldwide starvation, homelessness, poverty and unemployment. Many of these people have no idea of the many possibilities that are available to them because of computers, cell phones and the internet. It’s our responsibility as marketers to get the word out as fast as and as often as we can. And, we have the responsibility of sharing all experiences, knowledge and information of our chosen market or markets with the world in hopes of making it a much better place to live.


So you may be thinking this doesn’t apply to you because you are a writer or your profession doesn’t include selling anything of value to others. Just in case I’m right and it’s you, I did a little research on what is a marketer. Guess what? We are all marketers. According to Merriam-Webster: A marketer is one who deals in a market; specifically one that promotes or sells a product or service. Now I’m sure you can see that if you are a writer, you are a marketer because you are promoting your articles. You may never know when a thought, idea, product or service that you share may change the life of an individual, family or organization. So you have to continue sharing as long as there is breath in your body. The world is waiting and depending on you.


It is my firm belief that you are meant to make changes in this world. So you have to do a gut check and determine if you have sufficient to finish. You have to find a time to study, research & market your product or service around your busy schedule. One day you’ll be able to sit back and reap the benefits of your sharing. You also have to do the research and find out the best and cheapest ways to do your marketing (advertising). Now that you know for sure that you are a marketer and have something of value to share, share as often as you can.