Many people have no clue about the many opportunities afforded them just by having access to a computer with internet access. Not only that, many of these people are terrified for various reasons of this little electronic device. My goals are to help as many people as possible rid themselves of their fear of computers and show them several of it’s benefits and why they should highly consider becoming a part of the internet family. I am overly concerned about this matter and hope that you are too.

As I researched the matter of why people don’t use computers I was overwhelmed to discover how many other people have my concerns at heart as well. In this article, “Many People Can’t Use Computers And Why It Should Bother You”, written by: David Echols, you’ll see how David has had personal and up close experiences with people who don’t use computers or why they can’t use them. There may be parts of David’s blog that can help you as well being that he’s a Software Engineer and in no way fearful of computers.

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In this article, “Why Do Some People Not Understand How To Use A Computer”, written by: Nat Ng, Nat breaks down some of the reasons for people’s fear of the computer and why different age groups respond differently in reference to the use of and benefits of the computer. Nat even discuss the history and evolution of some electronic devices.

Regardless of the many reasons why or why not may be the reasons why people don’t use computers, the fact of the matter is, many don’t. It’s our responsibility to educate people to the many benefits of using a computer and rid them of their fear of the unknown. Opening the door to new opportunities and experiences for people will help make this world a better place to be and build the confidence level over the charts for many people around the world.