I am really not a WordPress Beginner because I’ve had my site for at least a year. But the problem is, my site has all of the trademarks of a WordPress Beginner. That’s really not a major problem because your site doesn’t have to be perfect before you start writing & publishing. A few of my reasons for really wanting to improve my site is because I upgraded to the Business Plan for maximum benefits. I want to learn by trial and error so I can be in a position to direct other people in the right direction to save them time and effort. I want my site to be marketable to the whole wide world because I plan on having content that’ll be of use to as many people as possible.

On yesterday I started my research on “How To Send Bulk Personal Emails”? While researching I found out through a few sources that you have to create a spreadsheet in order to send personal emails in bulk, so I followed a few steps from the article written by: Michael Grubbs of Zapier.com, “Google Sheets 101: The Beginners Guide To Online Spreadsheets.” This comment is in no way meant to discourage anyone from learning this process, but, I didn’t get it the first day. I don’t remember where I ran into a road block, but it is just that, a road block. I’m going to clear the road and get this thing figured out.

You’ll know you’re on the right path when you get what I call a confirmation. I was going through my emails when I came across an article: “I Pretend To Be An #InstaBlogger And Increased My Like Average By 94%”, from a blogger (Lucero Cantu) that I follow. This blogger had some very key personal advice that I found to be very helpful for my own personal use. But the advice on increasing “Likes” and “Follows”, was top notch. This is a blogger who has my attention because I know we have the same heart’s intents; sharing what we learn and know with everybody and what we think may be helpful to others without any reservations what so ever. We are better together. But anyway, this blogger had created two graphs using Google Spreadsheets. I was researching a different spreadsheet yesterday but was impressed when I clicked on the graphs and they had the information listed on the unpublished spreadsheet just as the instructions were given by Google Sheets 101. Lucero Cantu really know her stuff and I look forward to learning more from her through future reads.