At the seven minute mark of the Youtube video, “Faithful Over Few (Eric Thomas Motivation)”, Eric Thomas tells his audience to have dreams, but to have a couple of nightmares to go along with those dreams. He advises them to imagine their worse case scenario of what could happen to them so it won’t be a surprise to them and lead them to get blindsided. That’s just in case they run into roadblocks, negativity, denials, and failures.



I was so motivated and enlightened by the video that I had to go back, listen, and mention certain key parts that I think could be of relevance to us all. In the beginning of the video Eric talks about “Honor.” He went to the provost of Michigan State University where he was employed at the time to ask permission to leave the university and was denied. Because he had respect and appreciation for the opportunity that was afforded him,  by the provost, no matter how miserable he was, he “Honored” his commitment to continue working at the university, and to come back in 365 days with his request, ask instructed. After 365 days he went back to the provost to ask permission to leave the university and his request was granted.

I believe we all should honor where we are now and thank God for the blessings that we do have and remain steadfast and dedicated to our present situations until other doors open. Show respect and appreciation to the person who gave you your opportunity. Keep in mind that your boss may have had to hire somebody, but it didn’t have to be you.


At the 1:20 mark of the video he gave a testimony of what happens when we hold ourselves accountable to do the right things in the mist of storms. Eric talked about finally being able to leave the university and how one of his videos blew up after about a two week period. His testimony showed “What Comes Around, Goes Around”, (the process of reciprocity). We have to learn to dedicate ourselves to the task at hand to prove to God that we are worthy of moving forward and accomplishing bigger and better things. We too will be able to leap for joy when we see the evidence of our hard work and dedication paying off. What we do to, or for others will come back to us one-hundred fold.


Around the 1:30 mark of the video he spoke about “Dedication.” He told a story about a particular guru who was asked, “How to Become Successful”, and the guru gave the following advice to the person asking the question: “When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breath, Then You’ll Be Successful.” This is a good reason for us to think about our worse case scenario. And if you can’t think of a worse case scenario for yourself, then ride the streets of a city with homeless people and imagine to yourself that one of them could be you. If you have dreams, goals and visions that you haven’t accomplished yet, then think about this: “When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breath, Then You’ll Be Successful.” Dedicate yourself for at least 40 straight days to whatever it is that you’re doing, and you will see the benefits.


At around the 2:40 mark he talked about a dark part of his life and how he got through it. He said the song by Fergie, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” got him through his darkness because he listened to the song every day. I think we all “Should Keep A Song In Our Hearts.” Regardless of your music of choice, music has proven to be a scapegoat for many. Some people may want to criticize or judge you for your style of music without even realizing that your ability to listen to any song could be the difference in you losing your mind. So I advise you to always “Sing A Song” and keep it stored  in your heart for those dark times in life.



He summed up his entire video starting at the 3:50 mark by talking about Matthew 25:23 nlt. He said God told him that He had seen him continuing to “Be Faithful Over A Few Things”, and that He was giving the world over to him at that point because of his faithfulness. Check this out and check it out closely; Eric Thomas will have to some day very soon, move over and make room for me and you, because we to are faithful over a few things and about to get the keys to the kingdom (Matthew 16:19 nlt) as well.

No matter what happens along this journey, remember to always have “Honor” for the task at hand, because “What Comes Around, Goes Around.” Stay “Dedicated” to your cause and don’t let the storms of life get you into those dark places where you can’t see the light. Always keep the music playing in you heart to that song of choice. Lastly, always remember when you “Be Faithful Over A Few Things”, you too will get the keys to the kingdom.