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In spite of all the things happening around us at this present moment, I feel like I’m on top of the world. And I’m not just feeling this way at this present moment. I feel like this all of the time.

And let me be real with you about something. When it comes to possessions, valuables, or wealth, I don’t have either one. But I’ll tell you what I do have. I HAVE WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, COURAGE & UNDERSTANDING. Let me explain.

To put it in a nut-shell, I know through research and personal involvement, that there are many opportunities & possibilities available for anybody to better their lives and the lives of their family members and friends. This blogging platform is one of my ways to help get valuable information out to the masses as quickly as possible.


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You may think it trivial for what happened to spark me to write this post, but I want other people to have some of the same experiences that I have when I learn things new that I never thought I would.

So, here goes. A couple of days ago I linked my WordPress Blog Site with Google Docs. A short while ago after I logged into my WordPress account there was a message waiting on me with updates. The message gave instructions on how to add WordPress Images to my blog posts.


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Okay, get ready. After going to WordPress Media and then Free Photo Gallery, I saw that there were already some images saved on my page. Prepare yourself for this. The images that had been added to my page were mostly from Google Docs dated back to at least January 2019. All of the images that I had used for all three of my blog accounts over a year ago had been added to my  WordPress Saved Images.

When I saw this, I was in total amazement. Another ah-ha moment. This is the very reason I am so glad that I’m not tech-savvy. If I were an experienced internet operator I would never have realized how many more people there are, who are still in the same predicament as I was a few years ago. Many people don’t know anything about computers and the internet, let alone know about the opportunities and possibilities that are available using them.


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Many people have no idea that the internet opens up a whole new world of its own. It’s not the opportunities and possibilities that have me excited. It’s the continual knowledge that I gain by keeping myself actively involved. This is the same feeling that I want others to experience over and over again. We’ll deal with the opportunities and possibilities when people are ready for them.

To get it from another perspective other than mine, read “Advantages Of Having Computers In Education”, by Victoria Williamson, October 26, 2018. Commit yourself to learn new and innovative things that’ll keep you on top of your world.