This Is Where & How My Vision Began

Midway Missionary Baptist Church #2

Everything has a starting point. Midway Missionary Baptist Church #2 in Shreveport, LA., is where my vision got started. The vision has grown to a much bigger vision since that time. At that time I was a church usher and an armor bearer for the pastor. Even though when I first got started I had no idea that I was armor bearing.

The thing that I’m impressed with more than anything, is the fact that my vision ultimately does not have anything to do with me personally, other than me starting and leaving a legacy. One of the main things that I’ve learned is, if I help enough people fulfill their dreams, then the process of reciprocity takes full effect.

If you were to really get involved in the interest of your church and its members, you’d have no choice but to hear, see and experience many different things as well.

A few of the concerns that I often experienced were always somehow tied to money. Taking care of the pastor, building a new church and taking care of the poor and elderly were topics that came up in and out of the church. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, how did it affect you when you heard the same thing over and over, year after year, no matter what church you attended or visited?

Pastor James J. Smith- Midway MBC #2

This is how my vision got started. I wanted to do all that I could to make sure my former pastor didn’t have to worry about finances in no way, shape, form or fashion. I would listen to all of the different opinions from my fellow church members and church members everywhere I went about pastors making money and getting paid by the church. I won’t go into all of the different things said and opinions given because they are more than likely to be the exact same ones that you’ve heard over the years.

Now I am one of those who believe that the Man or Woman of God should be taken care of without limits. What price do you put on your Soul and its growth while still here on earth. I believe God’s Spokes-Men/Women should be given all of the freedom that they need to spend as much time with God as possible to help spread the Gospel, disciple Christians and fulfill all of their other Pastoral duties.

And I don’t believe that includes running all over the world to visit and pray for all of our family, friends and acquaintances. That’s just me!

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Everything that initially got my vision started still remains with a major addition to include any and all people, from any and all walks of life. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need help with something. I will do my best to share most of the information that I come across that I think could be helpful to others.

And yes, God continues to lead me to anything that I need to make my vision come to pass. When you decide to get involved with fulfilling your dreams, goals and desires, God will supply all of your needs. Make a decision to join me today by doing your part to help people, and that’ll make it easier for more people to be helped much faster.