Jurien Huggins

Don’t fall for the cover-up. The stimulus payment that was passed by The Senate is a great thing in it’s own way. Yes, many Americans will need some type of financial assistance during this CoronaVirus Pandemic. But first thing first. We would not be in such a terrible position with so many Americans getting the virus, dying and losing jobs had the Trump Administration taken this situation more seriously from the onset. I’m sorry, not the Trump Administration. Had Donald Trump taken this pandemic more seriously, we wouldn’t be in as bad a predicament as we are.

So the way to make most of you forget about his incompetence, he’s going to give you a few dollars to make you feel better and take your mind off of the main issues at hand. Don’t fall for this B.S..

Tessa Rampersad

Instead of Trump showing some type of sorrow and emotions for the lives that have been terribly impacted by his terrible decisions, he’s continuing to puff himself up every time the opportunity arises. This man is a total idiot and the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States and the World. He is a retard.

Trump much prefers to blame China for the pandemic by calling the Coronavirus what it is, he calls it the Chinavirus. Really! He’s acting like a child on the playground by pointing fingers at everybody but himself.

Now he’s trying to convince me and you that he is Johnny-On-The-Spot. Don’t fall for his B.S.

Take a look at the following Youtube Video as a reminder of his thought process (or lack thereof), when the virus was spreading so rapidly in China. PANDUMBIC (Official Trailer) The Daily Show.

Novia Wu

It’s time for us to take off the blinders and admit that we made a mistake by letting this idiot get into office. Don’t let it happen again.