Does curiosity really kill the cat?

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What do you think about people who admit that they are curious? Do you think they may just be nosy? Do you think curiosity is a bad thing for people? Do you think of yourself as being a curious person? Do you think of yourself as being nosy?

If for no other reason I think all of us should be just a tad bit curious because of all the things that are happening near us and afar. I think we all should be asking ourselves, “Why.” Why are there pandemics happening? Why is there so much division amongst us? Why are there so many people living in poverty? Why did so many people die because of COVID? Why are we making so many things political?

Now the other question I think we should be asking ourselves is, “What Can I Do To Help Make Things Better?”

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“How Can I Become More Curious?”

Many of us probably don’t think we have anything to offer to help make things better or that there is nothing we can do to help make things better. True, you may not be rich or wealthy enough to donate funds to help make things better. Okay, it may be true that you don’t have a profession or some type of skill that you can contribute to help make things better.

So what can you do? My answer is, you can get “curious.” Get curious about yourself first. Get curious enough to ask yourself why is it that you think you don’t have anything to contribute to society. And, if that is your truth, that you don’t have anything to contribute to society, then get curious enough to examine yourself to figure out if there is something that I can contribute to me or the people around me.

I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet or not, but I’m not letting anybody off the hook. I believe we all have something to offer to somebody or something.

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Get curious enough to put yourself in the position to learn something new or different every single day. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to learning new things, then let me remind you that Youtube and Google can probably make everybody a master at something.

Things happen to us and around us all of the time. Pick up something you hear in a conversation that you don’t know that much about or you don’t know if what you heard was true or not. Go to both Youtube and Google and type the main words of the conversation in the search bar, press “Enter” and open yourself up to a world of new things.

Here are a few things that I chose from my personal library to help get you started.

Check out: Google for Education.

Check out: How to Build a New Habit That ACTUALLY Sticks: 9 Steps to Form a Good Habit.

I learned a lot here: The Psychology of Self-Motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTech.

My very first ah-ha moment on the computer was when I learned “How to Embed Links Into Text Or Images”. The day I learned that was the day my interest in computers and the internet got started. I used to be scared of computers.

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When we get curious enough about the many things that plague our society and where we fit into this process and what we can do personally do to help make things better, then we will not be the least interested in what others say about our curiosity.