Leader Of The Dumbass Committee

I introduce to some and present to others, the leader of the Dumbass Committee. Guess who?

A dumbass is someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed. (Urban Dictionary)

Someone who holds a stupid, illegitimate or completely baseless opinion with a perplexing amount of self-righteousness.

I already know that some of you are going to think I’m a nut. DILLIGAF! Well, you couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I am Peanut (nickname). I am only stating the obvious. Take a look at the picture and judge for yourself. This man is totally clueless about how to be a president.

I once heard a great leader say, “People I know I’m not the best man to be the leader of the National Baptist Committee, but I have sense enough to surround myself with the people who’ll make me the best man for the position.” Pastor Harry Blake- Former National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. President

It’s one thing to just be a Dumbass without people really knowing. But when you continue to open your mouth with your own interpretation of everything as if you are an expert of everything, you remove all doubt. He doesn’t even have common sense enough to take the advice of the experts that he’s surrounded by. This is the only person in the world that out of all the people I’ve seen in my lifetime, that makes my ass ache when I see him. And you can be rest assured that I’ve run across some terrible people in many different facets of life since I’ve been on this earth, but this one takes the cake.

Can you imagine four more years of this Dumbass? If you aren’t a registered voter, do something about it now so the world can be relieved of the Dumbass Syndrome.


The Stimulus Is A Cover-Up

Jurien Huggins

Don’t fall for the cover-up. The stimulus payment that was passed by The Senate is a great thing in it’s own way. Yes, many Americans will need some type of financial assistance during this CoronaVirus Pandemic. But first thing first. We would not be in such a terrible position with so many Americans getting the virus, dying and losing jobs had the Trump Administration taken this situation more seriously from the onset. I’m sorry, not the Trump Administration. Had Donald Trump taken this pandemic more seriously, we wouldn’t be in as bad a predicament as we are.

So the way to make most of you forget about his incompetence, he’s going to give you a few dollars to make you feel better and take your mind off of the main issues at hand. Don’t fall for this B.S..

Tessa Rampersad

Instead of Trump showing some type of sorrow and emotions for the lives that have been terribly impacted by his terrible decisions, he’s continuing to puff himself up every time the opportunity arises. This man is a total idiot and the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States and the World. He is a retard.

Trump much prefers to blame China for the pandemic by calling the Coronavirus what it is, he calls it the Chinavirus. Really! He’s acting like a child on the playground by pointing fingers at everybody but himself.

Now he’s trying to convince me and you that he is Johnny-On-The-Spot. Don’t fall for his B.S.

Take a look at the following Youtube Video as a reminder of his thought process (or lack thereof), when the virus was spreading so rapidly in China. PANDUMBIC (Official Trailer) The Daily Show.

Novia Wu

It’s time for us to take off the blinders and admit that we made a mistake by letting this idiot get into office. Don’t let it happen again.


Burn Out & Depression

In November 2018 I set a goal to have 50 blog posts written by the first of 2019. I was on track to surpass my goal and then I got burned out as well as depressed. The combination of the two lasted about three weeks. That is absolutely too much down time for an up and coming writer or anybody else who has dreams, goals and visions. I think the depression was more because of me being alone during the holidays. Either way, I had to overcome both of them and get back to writing.



I knew I had to find a way to pick myself up and get back on track, but the first thing I needed to do was find what caused me to burn out. I came to the realization that I had put too much pressure on myself by setting a goal to have a certain number of blogs written by a specific date instead of me just doing what I enjoy doing. Just write! I was posting 2-3 blogs a day for a while. When I set the goal my blog count was at 21. When I burned out I was at 44 blogs and a draft. The burn out actually caused me to stop writing all together. That’s not good.



Okay, the burn out was over but the depression lingered for a while. I am very familiar with depression and have learned to handle it a bit better than in the past. I know when my depression set in the main thing I need to remember and advise the same to you as well, is not to feed our depression. Here are a few things you can put into practice to starve your depression and thus you’ll also learn what feeding your depression means:

  1. When you wake up, get up. When you first open your eyes at whatever time of the day is your morning to you, get up immediately. Don’t let this dark time cause you to sleep your life away.
  2.  Open your curtains & blinds and let the daylight in. Do not keep it dark in your home all day long. The day light and sunshine do so much more for our lives if we learn to appreciate them.
  3. Listen to some uplifting music, something funny or something encouraging, to help keep your mind stimulated. Music is the language of the world. Everybody has at least one favorite song.
  4. Encourage yourself. If you don’t have people in your life to pick you up or give words of encouragement, then you need to do as the song writer Donald Lawrence say and, “Encourage Yourself.”
  5. Only allow positive & uplifting things to take up space in your life. Look at the bright side of things, situations and circumstances and learn from them instead of letting them control your life.
  6. Stay busy doing something productive. Read, dance, turn flips, laugh, smile, joke, meditate, pray, etc., etc., etc. An idol mind is the devils workshop. 
  7. Write about your experience and how it affects your everyday life. Share your experience with others by journaling or blogging, with hopes that you can say something encouraging to keep them up, active and plunging forward.


Now that you’re up and at ’em, leaping for joy again, PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT PERSON.



Estereotipos y prejuicios

Los estereotipos y los prejuicios son exactamente lo que los inmigrantes ilegales son experiencias. Cuando veo noticias locales o nacionales, casi nunca escucho que los inmigrantes ilegales sean los grupos que cometen estos delitos. Me entero de crímenes cometidos por ciudadanos estadounidenses a diario. Literalmente a diario. Los delitos cometidos por inmigrantes ilegales son raros.

Vamos a desglosar lo que estos grupos están experimentando.

El estereotipo es: una imagen o idea sobre simplificada de un tipo particular de persona o cosa.
Todos los grupos de inmigrantes ilegales que intentan ingresar a los Estados Unidos ya tienen etiquetas en la frente: son delincuentes, terroristas, asesinos, traficantes de drogas, etc.
Los prejuicios son: opiniones preconcebidas que no se basan en la razón o en la experiencia real. Estos grupos de inmigrantes ilegales todavía no han ingresado a los Estados Unidos y muchas personas ya han formado opiniones personales y públicas sobre estas personas.

Según el Washington Post, “Wonkblog Analysis”, los inmigrantes ilegales no son los que cometen muchos de los crímenes que ocurren en los Estados Unidos. The Washington Post define su Análisis como: interpretación de las noticias basada en evidencia, incluidos los datos, así como anticipando cómo podrían desarrollarse los eventos basados ​​en eventos pasados. Si usted es uno de los que tienen estereotipos y prejuicios en contra de estas personas, vaya a ver las tablas y tome una decisión informada sobre quién debe y quién no debe estar aquí en los Estados Unidos.

Déjame darte una muestra de mi humor acerca de construir un muro. No solo este muro mantendrá alejados a los ilegales, sino que evitará que algunos de estos locos estadounidenses salgan. ¡Hola!

En el área donde vivo hay muchos hondureños. Ni una sola de estas personas con las que estoy familiarizado ha cometido ningún crimen del que haya oído hablar. Las noticias locales no reportan crímenes que cometen. Todos aquellos con los que estoy familiarizado tienen un trabajo que realizan a diario, hombres y mujeres por igual.

Si nosotros, como estadounidenses, no juzgáramos tanto, podríamos aprender mucho de este grupo de personas.

Todos los hondureños que veo son un grupo muy unido de personas. He visto en mis apartamentos solo cómo dejarán que otros hondureños vivan con ellos hasta que se pongan de pie y puedan hacerlo por sí mismos. Una vez que salen por su cuenta, hacen lo mismo para otros hondureños. Los he visto recogerse para trabajar diariamente durante años. NUNCA HE TESTIGADO O ESCUCHADO A ESTAS PERSONAS QUE LUCHAN O LUCHAN, que en mi opinión es una de las principales causas de los delitos cometidos por personas que usted conoce.

Es hora de deshacernos de estos estereotipos y prejuicios para que todos podamos participar en el Sueño Americano. Según Wikipedia:
El sueño americano es un espíritu nacional de los Estados Unidos, el conjunto de ideales (democracia, derechos, libertad, oportunidad e igualdad) en el que la libertad incluye la oportunidad de prosperidad y éxito, así como una movilidad social ascendente para la familia y los niños. , logrado a través del trabajo duro en una sociedad con pocas barreras. En la definición del Sueño Americano por James Truslow Adams en 1931, “la vida debería ser mejor, más rica y más completa para todos, con oportunidades para cada uno según la capacidad o el logro” independientemente de la clase social o las circunstancias de nacimiento. [1]

El Sueño Americano se basa en la Declaración de Independencia, que proclama que “todos los hombres son creados iguales” con el derecho a “la vida, la libertad y la búsqueda de la felicidad”. [2] Además, la Constitución de los Estados Unidos promueve una libertad similar en el Preámbulo: “asegurar las bendiciones de la libertad para nosotros y para nuestra posteridad”.
Para muchos inmigrantes, la Estatua de la Libertad fue su primera visión de los Estados Unidos. Significó nuevas oportunidades en la vida y, por lo tanto, la estatua es un símbolo icónico del sueño americano.

Hagamos todo lo que podamos para que este país sea un país de “Amor y Felicidad”. Trata a los demás exactamente de la misma manera que quieres que te traten a ti.

Pepto Bismol

I’m back. I know you didn’t know I was gone. Now you see what had happened was; my stomach took a turn for the worse as I typed the words Pepto Bismal. So I had to pause for about five minutes to go to my thinking booth (bathroom). Man it’s all good for now, I feel better and am a bit lighter.

But seriously speaking, on yesterday, Christmas Day, I was wrapped up lying on the couch in the fetal position because my stomach was upset. I was also very nauseous which was at that time my #1 issue. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a nauseated stomach, but if so you know just as I do, that you really can’t do much other than lye down until it passes.

Now for me, I have these unpleasant experiences almost on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day. I can be feeling just fine, up and about, actively doing things and all of a sudden without warning I’m leaning over my sink or cabinet or whatever I can  lean on at that time to keep from falling over.

I thank God for Pepto Bismol. I keep myself stocked up with it at all times. After I empty a bottle and am down to one, I buy another one so I’ll never be without it. The five main symptoms that Pepto Bismol help with are nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea. And you can be rest assured that it works. As a matter of fact, I’ll be taking a dose after I finish this blog because my stomach is upset right now.

So, several hours later after taking the Pepto Bismol and napping, I woke up feeling much better and was finally able to eat some of my Christmas meal. Yummy yummy, it was good.

Now some of you may be experiencing some of the symptoms listed above because you over did it on Christmas Day. Over did it- ate too much, drunk to much or ate some thing that just didn’t set right with you. If you don’t already have some Pepto Bismol in your medicine cabinet, then get up right now, (if you’re feeling up it) and run out and get a bottle (liquid) or package (pills). Pepto Bismol is sold for both children and adults.

When you are feeling better click on the link and sing the Pepto Bismol Song. And if you’re not a singer, enjoy this commercial. What ever you do, remember what the cause of your discomfort was on Christmas Day so you won’t have the same experience on New Year’s Day.

If you continue to have discomfort in your stomach read this article by Healthline to get advice on things you could have around your kitchen to help you feel better. They even give you advice on what to do if these problems continue.

But in the mean time, I think I’ll go open this new bottle of Pepto Bismol and take the recommended dosage so I’ll start feeling better faster and sooner than I did on yesterday. Here’s to a healthier you.