Home Based Businesses Are Going To Change Many Lives:

Will Your Life Be One?

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Just stop it! Please stop It! You ask stop what? I say please stop doing the same thing that you’ve done for the last 1, 3, 5, 7, or even 10 years or longer. You ask, “WHAT?” I say, “Please Stop Sitting Around Waiting For God Knows Who, To All Of A Sudden Appear Out Of Nowhere And Create YOUR Positive Change.”

If I were to ask you “What’s the most important thing that you’ve accomplished in the last twelve months”, would you be able to answer this question with all honesty even if you know without a reasonable doubt that you have absolutely done nothing of importance?

There’s no need to worry. I am not here to judge you. I am here to make you aware first of all. Secondly, I am here to highly encourage you to start a little bit of investigating of your own. And lastly, I am here to encourage you to stop waiting on God knows what to get better or change before you can do anything to “CHANGE”.

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Learn how to embrace change. Learn how to see things from different angles. Learn how to “consider” others’ opinion(s). Learn how to look into those things that people say and recommend before dismissing them. I know it sounds like make-believe, but if you don’t know one way or the other, find out for yourself. Learn how to embrace learning and doing new things.

When I first got started with my internet career I was totally dumb-fonded to computers. You’ll read about me telling this one many more times to come. The very first big thing (if you will), that I learned about a computer was, “How To Create A Link- How To Make Words Clickable.”

Up to that point, I had clicked on many links to open and read, or to do further investigations without ever wondering how that was done. I don’t remember the full story, but I do remember how excited I was and how proud of myself I was. After that ah-ha moment, I just got more and more curious about different things, and then I wanted others to have many of that same ah-ha (confidence-building) moments.

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If you are the proud owner of a cell phone, tablet, or computer, and have internet access, I am recommending you read this article, “Lesson: The Only Business You Should Be In”, by Kenneth, LeadsLeap Owner. Join my LeadsLeap Team to read the article and learn more about “Why LeadsLeap As Business?”

I want you to get curious about finding a way to make positive change in yourself, in your family, in your friends, in groups, and in any organization. Find a way to make positive changes in the cheapest, simplest, and more effective ways possible. I want you to get curious about home-based businesses for change.

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As you start using your electronic devices in a brand new way, one of those ways is to learn how to make the device pay for itself. My first goal would be to get you to earn your very first online commission with the least amount of out-of-pocket money possible. My next goal would be to teach you how to recruit others and how to teach them how to follow the exact same blueprint getting started as you did.

As we continue to get as many households as possible started with at least one home-based business, then we continue to change the world.

That change starts you.

My golden number is 1000 new households on my LeadsLeap Team before the end of the year. What’s your golden number?

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Burn Out & Depression

In November 2018 I set a goal to have 50 blog posts written by the first of 2019. I was on track to surpass my goal and then I got burned out as well as depressed. The combination of the two lasted about three weeks. That is absolutely too much down time for an up and coming writer or anybody else who has dreams, goals and visions. I think the depression was more because of me being alone during the holidays. Either way, I had to overcome both of them and get back to writing.



I knew I had to find a way to pick myself up and get back on track, but the first thing I needed to do was find what caused me to burn out. I came to the realization that I had put too much pressure on myself by setting a goal to have a certain number of blogs written by a specific date instead of me just doing what I enjoy doing. Just write! I was posting 2-3 blogs a day for a while. When I set the goal my blog count was at 21. When I burned out I was at 44 blogs and a draft. The burn out actually caused me to stop writing all together. That’s not good.



Okay, the burn out was over but the depression lingered for a while. I am very familiar with depression and have learned to handle it a bit better than in the past. I know when my depression set in the main thing I need to remember and advise the same to you as well, is not to feed our depression. Here are a few things you can put into practice to starve your depression and thus you’ll also learn what feeding your depression means:

  1. When you wake up, get up. When you first open your eyes at whatever time of the day is your morning to you, get up immediately. Don’t let this dark time cause you to sleep your life away.
  2.  Open your curtains & blinds and let the daylight in. Do not keep it dark in your home all day long. The day light and sunshine do so much more for our lives if we learn to appreciate them.
  3. Listen to some uplifting music, something funny or something encouraging, to help keep your mind stimulated. Music is the language of the world. Everybody has at least one favorite song.
  4. Encourage yourself. If you don’t have people in your life to pick you up or give words of encouragement, then you need to do as the song writer Donald Lawrence say and, “Encourage Yourself.”
  5. Only allow positive & uplifting things to take up space in your life. Look at the bright side of things, situations and circumstances and learn from them instead of letting them control your life.
  6. Stay busy doing something productive. Read, dance, turn flips, laugh, smile, joke, meditate, pray, etc., etc., etc. An idol mind is the devils workshop. 
  7. Write about your experience and how it affects your everyday life. Share your experience with others by journaling or blogging, with hopes that you can say something encouraging to keep them up, active and plunging forward.


Now that you’re up and at ’em, leaping for joy again, PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT PERSON.



What Is A “Calling?”

If you’re asked the question, “What’s Your Calling”, the first thought that may come to mind is a spiritual Calling. Now before I go any further I have to warn you. If you complain about EVERYTHING or show deep passion for EVERYTHING, this might not be for you. But I do encourage you to continue reading.

After giving you the definition of calling, I’d like to give you my take on a “Calling.”




call·​ing | \ˈkȯ-liŋ  \

Definition of calling 

1a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence

2the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages

3the characteristic cry of a female cat in heat also the period of heat


Several years ago me and an old high school friend had many conversations about church issues. Every time we talked my friend expressed deep concerns about an issue or two that was occurring in her church. After some time passed and we continued to talk and I continued to listen to the deep concerns of other people as well, God revealed something to me. If individual people have deep concerns or, are strongly passionate about a particular thing or situation and nothing is being done to solve it, there just may be an explanation.

God showed me the reason why some of my personal concerns continued to cause me dis-ease. Nothing was being done because I wasn’t doing it. God showed me how passionate I was about a few issues while nobody else showed any concern at all. And let me mention that these concerns were genuine concerns that needed to be addressed. God told me that the reason nothing was being done was because that particular situation or circumstance was my “Calling.” He also showed me that that was the exact same answer to many other people’s deep concerns.

If you are passionate about things going on in your life, no matter what it is, then that could very well be your “Calling.” And I truly believe dreams, goals and visions are given to us by God. Everybody is not meant to be a preacher, teacher, policeman, fireman, etc., etc. But I truly believe you and every individual person in this world is here for a reason and have at least one thing with your name on it, and nobody else’s. To be blunt, we all have that one thing that’s meant just for us. Now this doesn’t mean nobody else will have the same calling.

If you find this to be you with deep passion about anything, then stop wasting time and get busy on your “Calling.” If you don’t get started  NOW, then what ever it is that keep you from sleeping well at night will continue to keep you passionate and tired. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll start to feel like you’re on top of the world once you answer your “CALLING.”

As a bit more confirmation to you I found an article to share entitled, “Passion” from Psychology Today, written by Gregg Levoy. Enjoy!









Wanna Read Something Kinda Funny?

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING WITH WORDPRESS! I was very fearful about creating a website of any sort. But I had to eventually get started at least putting my words out there for you to read.

As you know I’m a stickler about you getting started with your vision, goals and dreams, NOW. Let me tell you why. From 1988-91, I was stationed in Hanau, W. Germany with the U.S. Army. While there I took college courses in order to help advance my military career. I don’t remember exactly what course I took at the time, but I do remember the message delivered to me by one of my instructors. After reading and grading a paper I’d written, the instructor was overwhelmed by my writing. He told me how awesome of a writer he thought I was and encouraged me (tried to) to start writing. Now let me show you how shallow minds work. I didn’t take the instructor serious at all. I literally thought the instructor was gay and was trying to make a move on me. Now I find myself 30 years later, writing.

This confession itself is rather sad on my behalf and by no means funny. Just imagine where I’d probably be with my writing career had I started back then. I was also fearful of computers at that time.

I shared that moment of my life with you to encourage you to get started now with your passion NOW, even if you don’t know how to do it. Get started and learn as you go.

I want you to know this as well. I can’t even type. I’m not a one finger person at all when it comes to typing. I use two fingers. And to be honest with you, typing is my least worry.

As I said earlier, I have no idea what I’m doing with wordpress, but I’m learning as I go. I do my best to read or familiarize myself with at least one wordpress feature a day.

If you start or is already working on your passion, I encourage you as well to learn something new each and every day. If it’s wordpress, an online business or online advertising, click on every toggle to familiarize yourself and at least know what features are available to you.

Please don’t start out the way I did by signing up for multiple sites and just leave them (dormant) alone. Remember, there was something about the site that peaked your interest in order for you to signup. Not only that, many people are waiting for your offer, but can’t get it if you don’t put it out there.

If you continue to read my post, I’ll do my best to keep you encouraged. But sometimes you have to “Encourage Yourself.” 

Don’t be dummy like I was 30 years ago. There’s a beast inside of you just waiting to be exposed to the world.

Take a look at this guy and tell me if you have any room for excuses. Get started, NOW!


How To Get Started- “Just Do It”

Get off of that fence. Stop sitting wondering if it’ll work. You don’t have to be famous to do it. You are cheating others if don’t get started. You are cheating yourself if you don’t get started. Even if you never heard of it before, doesn’t mean it won’t work. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you can be the first to introduce it to the world. But you ask, “Larry, how do I get started?” I reply. “Just Do It!” 

If it’ll make you feel better, I do plan on meeting and making acquaintances with people from different walks of life with different interest. People who’ll be able to assist you with your plans or ideas, or be able to point you in the right direction. But don’t wait for that to happen in order for you to get started. “Just Do It”, starting now and learn as you go.

Listen to an interview of a person who motivates me more and more as I listen to his interviews and testimonials. Brandon Stanton has a very unique story to tell about how he got started from scratch fulfilling his passion. Brandon is the creator of the blog “Humans of New York.” Go here to listen to one of Brandon”s interesting interviews.

The writer for this particular blog has probably been my biggest online motivator since I started blogging. “Fashion And Style Police” blogger Stella keeps me motivated without her even knowing so. As her blog alerts continue to come to my email on a daily basis and sometimes several times a day, it continues to motivate me more. She motivates me because she continue to show me that consistency and dedication is the only way for me to get to where she is in her blogging career. Stella has over 41,000 Facebook followers and almost 63,000 subscribers. And one of the main things I like about her blog is, she’s not trying to sell you anything and she has very interesting and helpful content.

I am also motivated more and more as individual people read my blogs and see fit to either follow or like them. This shows me how open blogging can be. You really like my blog? Really, mine? Wow, thank you a million. Now I know beyond a matter of a doubt that “I Can’t Stop Now.”

If you need encouragement on how to get started, read this article by SUCCESS entitled, “7 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams.”  After you finish reading the recommended articles and watching the videos, don’t hesitate one minute thinking about getting started, “JUST DO IT.”