If you were to think about poverty in the United States you’d be very surprised to find out who, why & how is considered not to be living a life of poverty. I always think about why with some of the brightest and most intelligent financial minds in the world in the U.S. non of these people can come up with a plan to combat U.S. Poverty.

One reason is because they don’t think many of us are really poor according to The United States Census Survey on poverty. You have to see and study it for yourself in order to believe it. I’m going to explain it to the best of my ability as simple as possible. The U.S. Poverty Threshold for 2016 was $29,360.

A family with 5 members living in the same house and their incomes:

Child #1= $0

Child #2= $0

Mother= $11,000

Father= $9,000

Great Aunt= $10,000 for the total family income of $30,000

$30,000 (total family income) for 2016- $29,360 (U.S. Threshold)= $640

This family of five people has a grand total of $640 over the U.S. Threshold for the year 2016 and is considered not to be in poverty. This is total insanity to me. Now don’t get me wrong. I know now and have known many people who make their lives as productive as they possibly can with the little that they do have. But what I’d like to see is some of the people who are considered RICH to try and live off of the remaining income from their weekly or by-weekly  paydays or live off a total annual income of $30,000. Many of them would have to be admitted for psychological treatment after living one month in poverty.

The reason I think Rich Americans haven’t created or devised a plan to help ALL AMERICANS do better financially is because they really don’t understand the problems of poor people in this country. Yes I know many rich people are donating to very worthy causes in this country and internationally. But what about each individual American Citizen? What can we do and what will we do to enhance the lives of every breathing American Citizen so we all can enjoy the finer things in life? Well, God has given me the blue print. I will use the vision that God has given me to make a difference not only in the United States of America but throughout the world.

Once I finish putting my plans together I’ll be soliciting the help and support of like minded people. As I’ve said before, “We don’t need to make America great again, we need to make Americans Great.”

I believe A Change Is Gonna Come!